National Bird Count Form 2013

National Bird Count Form 2013.


NATIONAL BIRD COUNT 2013: You also count!

Arikok National Park in partnership with CBS Central Bureau of Statistics and Aruba Birdlife Conservation is organizing the 2013 National Bird Count.




The bird count will take place in the morning hours of the 18th of March 2013.

The bird count takes 15 minutes of your time. The 15 minute count should be carried out somewhere between 7 am and 9 am.

Preparing for the bird count.

You need the following items by hand.

1. The bird count form:

2. A pen (black or blue).

3. A clock/watch.

Where do you get the bird count form?

You can pick up your bird forms at the Visitors Center of Parke Nacaional Arikok, from the 12th of March onwards, between 8:30 am and 3pm (please call our visitors centre at 585-1234 for more information).

Or you can download this pdf file and print it. 

Where to drop off the filled in forms?

Within 14 days after the bird count, the filled in form can be dropped off at the Visitors Center of Parke Nacaional Arikok. 

Forms can also be dropped off at the postoffices in Sanicolas and Oranjestad. You can drop them in the mail boxes.


The Bird Count in 8 steps!

Step 1.

Review the bird form with the additional 5 questions. (See instruction on the back of the form!).

Step 2.

Fill in your contact details on the back of the form (in block letters).

Step 3.

Sit on a comfortable spot in the yard. 

Step 4.

Have the bird form, pen and clock/watch ready to start the count.

Step 5.

After one minute of waiting, start the time and start the bird count for a duration of 15 minutes. (Please don’t forget to register your observations on the form!)

Registration of the observed birds occurs through tallying (‘turven’) and at the end by adding the tallies into totals per bird species.

Please also register if you have observed any bird’s nests in your yard. You can do this in the dedicated area right under each bird picture on the form.

Step 6.

Answer questions 1 till 5 on the form.

Step 7.

Please verify your contact details once again.

Step 8.

Drop off your filled in form – within 2 weeks after the bird count – to the indicated locations.


Where can you find more bird pictures to help you identify Aruba’s bird?

Go to ; there you can find pictures of over 100 species of birds taken in Aruba.


The National Bird Count helps in several ways:

1. It will provide important information about the distribution and numbers of bird species on Aruba.

2. It will help raise environmental awareness.

3. It provides an in-expensive quality time experience for the family.


Your participation can help make this event a success.

You also count!