Checkpoint Digital
How to get our pictures printed ?
Pictures of Aruba Birdlife Conservation are available and can be printed on paper or canvas. Aruba Birdlife Conservation works together with Checkpoint Color and Checkpoint Digital when it comes to printing our bird wildlife pictures. A first collection of 97 pictures have been made available for printing. A portion of the costs involved go to our foundation through which we can continue with our work.
For more information, please contact Fernando Vermeer at  (+297) - 5928421.
National Park Arikok
Parke Nacional Arikok
Armando Goedgedrag
Armando Goedgedrag is a young Aruban artist and nature lover. He makes amazing paintings of Aruba’s nature and presents his work in a very innovative way: speedpainting! Spectacular. Enjoy!
drs. Gerald Peterson
Gerald D. Peterson is a brother of Albert and Greg Peterson, the Aruba Birdlife Conservation photographers. Gerald also loves photography. He lives in the Netherlands. For a different angle to photography, please visit his website. Gerald was requested to write a note to be added to this link. Herewith: In former days people believed the statement: “the camera doesn’t lie”. Every photograph is the truth. It shows us reality. Photographers know that this statement is not true. In the analogue darkroom photographers could use, amongst other things, dodging and burning techniques to change the appearance of the photograph to his or her liking. Nowadays with digital photography, the manipulation possibilities have exploded and are easily accessible to a larger public. Even if the photograph has not been manipulated (“it comes straight out of the camera”) one still can’t speak of objectivity. The photograph is an extension of the personality of the photographer. 
I have a very broad interest in many photography fields. That is visible via the different categories / subjects on my website. Less is more is an important starting point in my photographic images. I also spend a good bit of time on composition and color. On you will find my interpretation of a part of “reality”. I hope you enjoy your stay on my website. 
Photograph of me made by colleague photographer Ron Beekmans.